Our mission:
 To help small, minority, and women-owned business members succeed in the marketplace.

Dear Capital City Chamber Friend:

The Capital City Chamber of Commerce is the business development organization that can have a positive measurable impact on your business's ability to grow your market share, loyalty to your brand and returns on your investment of time and resources.

Our primary focus is the relentless pursuit of contracts and purchase orders for our members. We will endeavor to ensure that our educational tracts expose our members to the proven best practices that ultimately position them to achieve their goals. We will effectively network amongst ourselves and with other corporate, educational and governmental entities to ensure that we have strategic alliances that lead to business opportunities.

As the Capital City Chamber of Commerce has done for over 18 years, we will continue to be an advocate for small minority and women-owned businesses, and will always be dedicated to helping level the playing field, so that our members share in the economic well-being of the marketplace throughout our community.

Your Friends at the Capital City Chamber of Commerce

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